In the Air in Arizona

I like flying. So while in Arizona, I took the opportunity to fly as many things as possible.

  • Powered Parachute – soooo fun! We flew from 30 feet to 1000 feet up at about 30 mph. Flying next to an owl was incredible! I have already gone twice.
  • Glider – ever since I watched The Thomas Crown Affair I wanted to fly in a glider.
  • Aerobatic Glider – so freaking fun!! I was scared…BUT once you are flipping, it is crazy peaceful and amazing!! I felt safe since my pilot is a US National Champion in Glider Aerobatics. I need to go again!
  • Open Cockpit Biplane – It was red and we did wingovers!!
  • Flew to the Grand Canyon and took a Helicopter – My first time seeing the Grand Canyon 🙂

I created a short video using clips from the flights….

Some photos too….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

201309AZGliderAerobatic_7536 copy


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