How to Blow a Pumpkin…

…in 6 minutes or less!! Phoenix’s Circle 6 glass studio’s fall seasonal item is a pumpkin.

  1. Grab some molten glass on a blowpipe.
  2. Add some color (hopefully orange).
  3. Melt it using the glory hole (yes, you should laugh).
  4. Add a little air and shape it a bit on the table.
  5. Add some more molten glass.
  6. Cool the blowpipe with some water.
  7. Some more table shaping.
  8. Place in mold, blow and presto pumpkin ridges!
  9. To the bench – using a blow hose, jacks and a wooden paddle add some size and complete the shape (yes, laugh again).
  10. Using a little water and a firm tap, remove the pumpkin from the pipe.
  11. For your stem – grab some more glass, pick a color, roll, heat, mold, add it to the top and stretch to your desired loveliness.
  12. Using a torch smooth off the edges.
  13. Place completed piece in an annealing oven to slowly cool to avoid cracking.
  14. Done 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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