Drip Baby Drip

I cannot seem to discuss the Orlando based show DRIP without inadvertently humming or singing the booty shaking Freak Nasty song Da Dip – similar to the 69 Boyz Song The Dip – (“I put my hand up on your hip – when I dip you dip we dip – you put your hand up on my hip – when you dip I dip we dip” etc.). Unbeknownst to me prior to this moment – the 69 Boyz are from Florida and apparently mostly based in Orlando.

What is DRIP? They define themselves as an in-your-face explosion of color and movement backed by a live rock band all in an industrial dive bar. The performances are highly visual, innovative and messy, using colored sand, raining paint, flying water and even water balloons.

I say… DRIP is a unique modern dance performance that uses their industrial setting along with paint, music, flowing water, light effects and sand to tell a love story.

As you enter the bar, you have the opportunity to buy a DRIP t-shirt. Normally I would say – “Why another t-shirt?” In this case – I say “Why not!” There are two artists ready to cut your shirt into a personalized fashion item. Once you are newly adorned, you can move to the paint station where you are presented with four colors and paint brushes to beautify your clothing. You can paint yourself or whomever you choose to bring with you. This is a fun activity.

The performance begins as the dancers jump up on the bar, each of the four representing one color (orange!!, yellow, red and blue) and each color representing distinct personality traits they keep throughout the program. The evening that I attended the dancers consisted of four striking women, paint, sand and sexually charged dancing. Chances are that you will get wet and your clothes will receive a bit of a makeover with color and sand. Also given the theme and the energy in the room – I suggest that you do not take a date to this show unless you at a minimum want to kiss goodnight. On the other hand, this obviously has the potential to be quite a fun and interactive date experience!

Other colorful add-ons…
For beer lovers – It can be imbibed in orange, yellow, red and blue. I do find orange beer drinkers far more attractive than colorless drinkers!
For oxygen lovers (really – what human is not a fan?) – It can be inhaled in flavors and colors. I have never tried an oxygen bar, but apparently they are fun.

I have to say that I especially enjoyed the paint throwing since this year I was unable to attend a Holi celebration. If you are in the Orlando area – check out DRIP! I know I look like a giant or some sort of harem leader in the photo with the performers – for those who do not know me – I am neither a giant nor a harem leader (not to say I haven’t thought about both) – but in this case they are just petit. I have to be honest – their job looks remarkably fun – dancing, playing in paint, um ya…I may need to rethink my career. Hmmmm….maybe I can create a show for the 69 Boyz and DRIP to hip hop it up a bit to The Dip!!

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