Happy Anniversary to Hip Hop!

November is Hip Hop History month. This November I had the opportunity to attend a Baron Ambrosia co-hosted function in the fantastic city of New York (still my favorite in the world)! The Universal Zulu Nation’s 39th Anniversary (also the 38th Anniversary of Hip Hop Culture) party was hosted by the Baron and Grandmaster Caz with a slew of artists and DJs performing throughout the night.

My favorite part of the evening was watching the b-boys and b-girls – as most of you know based on my previous posts (1 & 2), I am a wannabe b-girl! I had the opportunity to meet Popmaster Fabel (Jorge “Fabel” Pabon) – The Village Voice defined him as Best Hip-Hop Professor – 2012. He was lovely by the way. There was also a surprise visit from my brother’s friend Melle Mel (Grandmaster Melle Mel) who is one of the pioneers of old school hip hop. (Melle Mel and The Furious Five were the first rap group ever inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.) Ice-T was also in attendance with his wife – I learned that they have a TV show called Ice Loves Coco and people seemed quite happy to see them. Also shout outs to DJ Rockin’ Rob spinning 45s, the beautiful voices of the ladies of Queen Bleu Nile and Jazzy Jay representing the Gullah culture of South Carolina.

What is Hip-Hop?

What is Universal Zulu Nation?

An international hip hop awareness group, Universal Zulu Nation was started by Afrika Bambaataa in the 70’s with reformed New York City gang members organizing cultural events for youths. It now has several international chapters and is involved in many volunteer programs such as feeding the hungry and most recently helping victims of Hurricane Sandy.

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