Zip Lines make me happy!

Before my Costa Rica silliness, I had the opportunity to play on the longest canopy tour in the world. Miss Sky navigates through the scenic Costa Rican mountains and forest – it is located on a 2500 acre forest reserve. Like a bird (a very well tethered bird), I soared above the trees and lush landscape on their 21 runs for  almost 7 miles.

As many of you know, I am scared of heights, yet I still insist on these adventures. So…for the safety conscious….all of the lines are double wired, 200% of what is required by the Costa Rica tourist board specifications.

The only other professional zip line that I have had the opportunity to hang from is the line over Victoria Falls and the Zambezi. Apparently I traveled 65 mph over 1,394 feet across the gorge – suspended 393 feet. above the Zambezi River! It was scary and amazing. However that day I also did a 364 feet bungee jump…now that shit is silly scary. The bungee cord actually broke on a women this year…she survived!

Here are some more zip lines that look fun! Want to go play?

The Unreal Zip 2000

  • Sun City, South Africa
  • 6,561 feet/2,000 meters
  • 93 mph maximum speed
  • 918 feet/280 meters highest point from ground

Icy Straight Point

  • Hoonah Icy Straight Point, Alaska
  • 5,330 feet/1,625 meters
  • 60 mph maximum speed
  • 300 feet/91 meters highest point from ground
  • 1.5 minute ride time

Dahilayan Adventure Park

  • Bukidnon, Philippines
  • 2,756 feet/840 meters
  • 62 mph maximum speed
  • 328 feet/100 meters highest point from ground
  • *Check out the Flying Lizard!*

The Eye of the Jaguar

  • Peru
  • 6,990 feet/2,130 meters
  • 68 mph maximum speed
  • Constructed with a single cable

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