Cluefest makes me happy!

Saturday I participated in New Haven’s annual city-wide scavenger hunt, Cluefest!! Teams raced across New Haven in cars, on bikes, and on foot, answering clues to find the Secret Cluefest Party and prizes. My team (The Orange Blueberries) was superfantabulous :).  We did get a flat tire and almost in an accident, but still super!

We were given 5 clues directing us to a location around New Haven where we would be required to complete an activity.  After accomplishing the activity, we were given a clue to the final party location and a extra challenge that directed us to a bonus location for additional points.  After participating in DASH, the Cluefest riddles were easy.  My favorite bonus clue had to be…

  • Pride in being an “old man” bar
  • Nothing fancy, has parked squad cars
  • One beer on the tap
  • Owners will take no crap
  • Find a “nickel,” you won’t be far

This bar with no sign was a long time haunt of my father’s father (Upstairs Poppy) and my brother feels some sort of nostalgia for this mostly (in fact seems to be almost all) male establishment.

My favorite activity was at the Dog Shelter. Our team made a dog leash, and I had the opportunity to walk a beautiful dog through the obstacle course.  He was so friendly and cute!

Happy Orange Suggestion: Adopt a dog!


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