The CT Science Center makes me happy!

Until last week I had never heard of the CT Science Center.  They believe you can get people interested in science by engaging them with their 150 hands-on exhibits, 3D digital theater, and educational labs.  They have all types of science activities from Physics to Forensics and Geology to Astronomy. Volunteering for the Girls of Innovation Science Challenge introduced me to this ridiculously fun place!!  I love it!

The Girls of Innovation Science Challenge is for 7th & 8th grade girls to explore science.  As mentors, we were there to talk with the students about our experiences and guide them through the challenges presented by the CT Science Center Staff Scientists.  Throughout the day, we solved puzzles, learned about air pressure in the Forces of Motion Gallery, played Mindball, designed and created a helmet for a crash-test dummy, along with other challenges to score points.

The Girls of Innovation organization strives to inspire girls to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. Probably because science is awesome!

One  of my favorite Science Podcasts is Scientific American’s 60-Second Science.  Check it out!

Happy Orange Suggestion: Play with science!


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