LN2 makes me very happy!

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is amazing! First of all liquid nitrogen is so cool! At atmospheric pressure, liquid nitrogen boils at -196°C (-321°F)!!! So…we used it to make ice cream 🙂

How to make Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

1. Select a pot

2. Place a wooden spoon in the drill bit holder of an electric drill

3. Pour ingredients into pot

4. Pour in liquid nitrogen

5. Stir ingredients and liquid nitrogen using drill powered wooden spoon

6. Eat!

Flavors of the night:

    • Basil Soy Ice-cream
    • Candied Fennel Seeds and Curry Ice-cream (my new favorite!!)

How to make Dip’n Dots

1. Select a pot

2. Pour ingredients into a plastic zip bag and mix

4. Pour liquid nitrogen into pot

5. Cut a small hole in bag and drip liquid slowly into liquid nitrogen

6. Strain dip’n dots

6. Wait until dip’n dots are an appropriate temperate (don’t hurt your mouth!). Eat!

Flavor of the night:

    • Chocolate Cinnamon Soy Dip’n Dots

Happy Orange Suggestion: Make friends with people who have access to liquid nitrogen!!!


One thought on “LN2 makes me very happy!

  1. Sounds so fun!! I would love to try this–interesting flavors. Can you suggest a friend. Also, I guess you did not get the memo to wear blue or purple 🙂 Got to love the orange.

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