BC One All Stars Workshops make me happy!

The email read “Sign up for 3-4 workshop with Ronnie ASAP!” So I did, unknowing of the comical circumstances I would find myself in a week later.  The Red Bull BC One All Star Workshops are free bboy workshops taught by BC One All Stars (Ronnie, Cico, El NIno, Pelezhino).

  • 11am- 12pm Ronnie (Super Crew, Full Force, 7 Commandos)
  • 12pm- 1pm Pelezhino (Tsunami Allstars)
  • 1pm – 2pm El Nino (Floor Lords, Boogie Brats, Flava Squad, Squadron)
  • 2pm – 3pm Cico (Spin Kings)

Due to schedule changes only two of us from our nameless crew could make it to NYC.  Already in the city, the night before the workshops while getting on the subway after my Governors Island adventure, I realized that the pocket was tearing off my pants – exposing far more of me than needed! With a sweatshirt around my waste, I quickly headed to a pharmacy to get some thread.  SNup sewed them for me and all was well – since I had no other pants with me, this was greatly appreciated.

The next morning we walked for two miles before we found the dance studio – partially because we walked the wrong direction (and it was actually not my fault this time!!!).  Ronnie’s class was mostly footwork and while a bit quick, absolutely suitable for our level. We learned a routine and then of course had a photo taken with the instructor – we actually had to fight for some face time – apparently he is quite awesome.

Next we asked if we could get into the noon class with Pelezhinoit – little did we know that it would consist of only flips.  They let us in and while it was amazing to watch – only one of our crew can do flips and it is not me. While attempting some sort of mini-flip, I realized that  my pants were severely ripped in a new location – this one even worse than the last and tying something around my waist was not going to cut it.  WOW – this was very awkward for many reasons – one being that we were surrounded mostly by men and at that point I was all kind of exposed!!!  Ya…so a sweatshirt around the waist did nothing for this –  I had to tie a shirt around my legs and hips.  It was ridiculous.  Me – ripped pants, bruised shoulder, injured knee, and completely unable to flip – let’s see how the next class goes.

The organizers let us take the last two sessions as well.  El Nino’s workshop included some footwork which was great and then he moved to power moves. Cico worked on power – including some really cool windmills.  I think I need my elbow pads before I attempt this craziness. 🙂

It was a great day and inspiring – I sooooooo need to work on my power!!

Happy Orange Suggestion: Learn to windmill – it just looks awesome.


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