Grimaldi’s Pizzeria makes me happy!

Having spent a lot of time in New Haven eating some of the most sought out pizza in the US at Modern, Pepe’s and Sally’s – I have a high standard for the sauce and cheese covered bread.  Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn located under the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most popular pizzerias in New York City. Seeing that we were already in Brooklyn – why not?

Since they don’t take reservations, there is often a line and quite a wait.  While on previous Grimaldi expeditions, we had to wait far too long to eat dinner, Thursday night was ideal because we arrived post 11 PM after our bhangra dance party and within twenty minutes the line was moving and we were sitting and ordering two large traditional pizzas. The coal-fired brick oven pizzas have tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil and a thin, chewy, perfect crust. Shortly after ordering, they were on the table and delicious! The coal-fired oven at Grimaldi’s was designed and built by hand, weighs 25 tons and heats up to 1200 degrees. Wow!

Happy Orange Suggestion: Go to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria!


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