Governors Island makes me happy!!

The free ferry ride from the southern tip of Manhattan through the Buttermilk Channel took only a few minutes and we were on the 172-acre Governors Island.  In less than three hours we…

  • Rode bikes around the island (free rentals on Fridays!!)
  • Played on the swings while admiring the Statue of Liberty
  • Played Mini-golf for free (each hole was created by a Figment artist based around the theme Bugs and Features)
  • Roamed around the sculpture garden
  • Climbed on a Dream Catcher (I also injured myself – an artist built a structure with a large hammock inside and called it a dream catcher.  We of course climbed to the top and rolled down the hammock. Fun – until my second roll when I landed on the structure with all my weight on my shoulder – not so fun.  I ended up with a branding of an X as a battle wound.
Happy Orange Suggestion: Visit Governors Island on a Friday and ride bikes for free!


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