B-boying makes me happy!!

I have been fascinated with b-boying, often called breakdancing, since I first saw the ridiculous strength requiring moves. This style of hip-hop street dance consists of four primary elements: toprock, downrock, power moves and freezes/suicides. B-boys, b-girls, or breakers often participate in battles which are between two breakers or two crews.  Friday night I went to my first battle!!  Friday the 13th Bboy Massacre in Brooklyn. It was amazing.

Now let me explain how this went down. It was a last minute decision to jump on the train and head to Brooklyn via Grand Central and two hours later, at 8 PM (with a Hummingbird Cupcake from Magnolias in  hand), we made it to the studio where we were greeted by a long line waiting outside. This was curious only because the event was scheduled to start at 7 PM, and the doors were not yet opened.  We waited and waited and then eventually they instructed us to get into two separate lines – one for women and one for men.  At first we thought they were just going to let the girls in first since there were very few, but we soon realized it was a security check.  Now I have been going to hip-hop clubs since I was very young, and I am no stranger to the pat down, the metal detector or the search of the bag – but this was something else. Of course to be sensitive to gender issues, the person checking the women was a woman; but this woman was larger and more intimidating than any man I have ever dated. Xiao went first and clearly was not used to being searched. As she was being checked, she kept jumping back as if she was being tickled.  “Are you hiding something?!!” the security lady yelled.  Please just let the lady fondle you – I thought to myself – we came all the way from CT! Eventually she got through, and it was my glorious turn. “No food!” she said aggressively while nudging me to unzip my sweatshirt. While I shoved my cupcake in my mouth, the molestation started – um WOW – this large woman got all up in my stuff!!! After the unbelievably uncomfortable doorway delay, I was finally approved to enter – and comically my bra was unhooked.

Once inside we watched people practicing and then over fifty 3 on 3 battles as well as 2 on 2 b-girl battles. There were only 4 b-girl crews battling – this led Xiao and I to make a pact that we would compete together next year – I am already nervous.  While I have learned a lot in the past few months, I clearly need to start practicing more than once a week!

Happy Orange Suggestion: Go to a b-boy battle!!!


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