DASH makes me happy!

Being called off the bench for game time on Saturday to participate in DASH 3 was awesome! This was my first puzzlehunt. I  learned only a few months ago that a puzzlehunt is a puzzle game where teams compete to solve a series of puzzles. Groups of puzzles in a puzzlehunt are often connected by a metapuzzle leading to answers which combine into a final set of solutions. Some are ridiculously hard and others just fun – I was a bit nervous as it was my first time (a puzzle virgin). Lucky for me there was not much time for first-timer anxiety, and I am happy to report that it was not as difficult as  I expected – no programs had to be coded – just creative puzzles with shapes, sounds, numbers, letters, mazes etc.

DASH 3 (Different Area Same Hunt) was held in 12 cities this year with a fairytale theme (loved it!). In NYC we met in Central Park to obtain our fist puzzle (the Rapunzel theme instantly brought a smile to my face since I recently watched Tangled – so cute!). While we got a slow start, we made up time throughout the day as we started solving faster and faster.  Each answer brought us to a new location and presented us an opportunity to see more of Central Park – castles and zoos and awesomeness. The 8 hours that it took us to finish flew by. It went by so fast that 2 of our team members had to depart prior to solving the metapuzzle, but 4 strong we finally solved it! 🙂  While we were estimated to be in the top 25%, I heard that super puzzle people would be able to complete the hunt in 2 hours!! I guess I better practice for next year!!

Happy Orange Suggestion: Participate in a puzzlehunt!!! Puzzlehunt Calendar


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