Holi makes me happy!

Color, color, and more color!  Friday I had the opportunity to enjoy my first Holi celebration.  While I attended the tail-end of a celebration last year – as you can see by the photos of the colorless 2010 face and the joyous colorful 2011 face below – this year was magnitudes better!  You may also notice that my companions are orange – I think I won the color war. 🙂

What is Holi?  Holi, the Festival of Colors, has several stories and is celebrated by many people in different ways. It is a festival to celebrate good harvests while also symbolizing legends from Hindu Mythology. The meaning of the festival is believed to have changed over the years.  For me, Holi welcomes Spring and is a celebration of the triumph of good over evil.  It’s fun and it’s colorful. As many others do, we celebrated by throwing colorful powder and water at each other, eating samoas and drinking mango lassis!

During my first trip to India, I photographed colored powders – they are some of my favorite photos – and I am happy to finally have had the chance to use this magical powder to celebrate!!

Happy Orange Suggestion: Celebrate with color!


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