Tea Tastings make me happy!

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to practice my Amandafied Korean Japchae and Amanda’s Pi Day Spinach and Cheese Super Pie for a slew of internationals hailing from places such as Nigeria, India, France, Bolivia, Denmark and even Canada and the USA!! It was quite an amazing night, not only did I get to cook for people I care about, but I held my first tea tasting!  While visiting Darjeeling, West Bengal, India in January I learned the practice. Tea tastings make me happy!

My first tea field exploration was in Munnar, Kerala, India – at the time I was the only tourist in sight…seemingly the entire town – roaming alone through the lush green breathtaking hills was one of the most memorable trips of my life cementing India in my heart forever.

While Darjeeling cannot compare to the beauty and serine surroundings in Munnar, two lovely tea shops awarded me the pleasure of a fine tea tasting. I instantly fell in love with the white cups and the brewing process. I first selected the teas I was interested in trying, the tea master conscientiously weighed out the correct amount and placed it in a cup, boiling water was poured in and instantly a cover was placed over the steeping tea.  We anxiously waited four minutes and then the shop owner poured the tea into the matching white bowls.  Each tea had a distinct color smell and taste. I loved it.

The teas that I purchased that day were used with my new tea tasting cups (a perfect gift from mom) to perform my first tea tasting last weekend. I had so much fun!!

Happy Orange Suggestion: Have a tea tasting with friends using teas from different regions so you can see, smell and taste the nuances!


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