The Earth makes me happy!

Happy Earth Day!! As many are, I am a big fan of the earth and all of its greatness!  While I don’t want to make the other pretty planets jealous  – I love the earth – from scuba diving in the outstanding oceans to roaming the tea fields to climbing in the mountains – it’s just superfantabulous! Let’s keep it safe and looking awesome!!  SuperGreen365 tries to highlight companies that take steps towards being eco-friendly and think green. If you know of an eco hotel, restaurant or other super green place, please add them to the site.

Shooting this eco-rap video made me very happy! I want to send a special shout out for the lyrics – in my opinion they are quite hilarious! (written by a comically talented lyrical master  – my brother)

Gang Green Lyrics
Gang Green-4-Life! - ya know what I'm sayin'
And just for the record I wrote this rhyme on recycled paper
using compressed poly hemp fiber quills dipped in natural soy ink

This flow’s certified organic
Soon to be the whole damn planet
Gang Green-4-Life
Super Green
365 Eco!!

Green this, green those, green that
Feed you vegan bullets from this biodegradable gat

So when the Smartcar coming
Your greasy fast food bag tossing ass start running
Cause gang green bang mean
We the main lining wheat grass SUV crushing team

So let’s have a lil' moment silence...
It’s not that I’m perpetuating eco-driven violence
Just a wakeup call to all the earth raping tyrants
Compost your ass when I’m done rhyming my rants

Cause there’s no reason for my seed to go on
To a future that no grass can grow on
Toxic waste helps me get my glow on
Who'll be left standing?
Not you, not no one!

That’s me peeping in the window
Eco-friendly hair spray hold my hair when the wind blow
My solar powdered super blendo
Uses local produce
Making smoothies on the down low

Wanna know how you can join the fight?
Teddy P already told ya bitch
Turn out the lights!
Super green!

Happy Orange Suggestion: Be green!! 🙂


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