Green Tea Crème Brûlée makes me Happy!

To be honest, while I do love most green tea desserts and eating the green tea crème brûlée on Saturday did make me happy, what really made my night was the amazing people I was with!  My Bay Area Babes, also known as HAAS, EBFAT, Divas with MBAs, and most recently (and maybe my favorite) WAMILF – Assuming you know what a MILF is…Jen gave it a bit of a twist: Wives, Amanda, and Moms…you get it.

Anyway, an awesome early birthday weekend with my lovely ladies made me very happy.  We were missing a couple of our beauties due to location issues, but I could not be happier to see Patti, Sherry, Jen, and Julie!! Thanks for being amazing 🙂

Also, many thanks to Jen for my orange pajama pants – I would like to share a story about my first pair of orange pajama pants.  Christmas Eve 2008 my mom (aka Santa) gave me a pair of orange pants – I LOVED them!  The next morning I flew to St. Barts to meet my then boyfriend and his family, of course packing my new pants.  I am not sure how many of you know about Saint Barthélemy, but it is by far the poshest of the Caribbean islands hosting the rich and famous with its Super Yachts and fancy restaurants.  The week was filled with beautiful water, eating out and roaming around the very expensive shops.  I, of course, wore my new pants whenever I had the chance – they were cute and orange and they made me happy. Later when I was back in CT and out with Santa, she said “Why are you wearing your pajamas out?”  Apparently, I was wearing pajamas around the overly fashion conscious affluent community all week.  Oooops! 🙂

Happy Orange Suggestion: Unlike a one-night-stand, if you meet an amazing person –or are lucky enough to meet a group of them [now that one-night-stand sounds more interesting ;)] — don’t let them go; they will bring you many years of happiness! I feel very lucky to have these ladies in my life!!

Landing in St. Barts

WAMILF 2010 – Cooking Dinner in Napa!!

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