Surprise packages make me happy!

Wow…a package from Japan!! I love it! Surprise packages always make me happy!! When my friend Yuko and I were walking around Seoul, we discussed face masks (yes – this is a common thing to see when walking around Asian cities – blocking out all the badness one does not want to inhale)…she insisted that Japanese face masks are far superior to Korean face masks. To settle the debate, she sent me some to test out, but she also included additional amazing Japanese goodies.

Thanks Yuko!!

My heart goes out to those in Japan experiencing such hardship due to the devastation. Here are some links I found if you want to help…

Google: Resources related to the 2011 Japan Crisis

The Huffington Post: How To Help Japan: Earthquake Relief Options

TimeOut Tokyo: Japan earthquake: How you can help

Time: How You Can Help the Earthquake and Tsunami Victims in Japan

Mask Photos from my Dalai Lama Visit (another story)


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