Climbing makes me happy!

Indoor rock climbing has been on my list of things to do for years, but I have not been able to find a companion to join me. So when I was invited last night, I jumped at the opportunity.  Was it fun?  Absolutely!

We went to the CT Rock Gym in New Haven, CT – lucky for all the ladies, Friday is ladies night and we can play for only $5!! The gym’s walls are covered with multicolored and multi-sized grips for your hands and feet.  From the top of the walls, there are many ropes dangling waiting for us to attach ourselves.  Each climb is defined with different difficulties and challenges for everyone from beginners like to me to the impressive skilled climbers who have the strength to hold themselves practically upside down from their fingertips.

The easy wall was my goal for the evening.  I put on my climbing shoes and my harness and then was attached to one of the ropes.  I started up and soon realized that the actual climbing was not the enemy that I had to overcome, but my insane fear of heights was what was going to keep me from the top of the wall.  My goal was to get a little higher each time, two feet off the ground, three feet off the ground and so forth.  The gym’s grips are marked with colored tape so I knew where to grab and where to place my feet.  Each time as I got a little higher, I felt my heart start to race.  The odd thing about this fear of heights is that I was safe…I was attached to a rope and someone was absolutely holding me up…there was very little chance of death or dismemberment, but each inch up I started to have a mini panic attack.  This did not stop me; I continued a little higher. Eventually on my last climb of the night, I made it to the top and even rang the bell.

Climbing is fun, it’s good exercise, and can help challenge your fears. As a side note…as one of my climbing companions watched the fear in my eyes he said “you bunji jump?”  Yes, I have bunji jumped at some of the highest places in the world.  Am I crazy?  Yes of course I am!  All fears should be confronted…in a controlled manner of course.

My suggestion:  Go find a rock gym or a climbing wall and go play!!


2 thoughts on “Climbing makes me happy!

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