Snoodle makes me happy!!!

The Rottweiler: cute, smart, protective, fierce and friendly, a hard worker, a pleaser, loving, rugged, adaptable and loyal.  Wow…I wish they made men like they make rotties!!  They sound perfect….great family dogs, but watch out strangers 🙂

This entry is to say Happy Birthday to Snoodle Doodle!!  If you know me, you know I LOVE Snoodle!!  She is preposterously adorable!!  Those of you who do not know me, Snoodle is my parents’ Rottweiler.  The inspiration for inviting Snoodle into their home was my perfect puppy, Sabu.  She was a gift from my late grandfather (better known as VP’s Poppy) and she honestly was the best dog ever – and this is not just a mother’s love talking here!!!
This 110 lbs. of cuteness was born in the Bronx and made her way to the country on my birthday a few years ago. You would think this large dog would appreciate all the land and trees, but no.  She appreciates the couch, where she lays all day watching birds and squirrels. Her favorite thing to do is eat. She is a bit of a food whore…anything from dog food (um yuck) to broccoli.

Last year’s birthday was celebrated with a Pupcake from Philly Cupcake!  First off, the name “Pupcake” is absolutely fabulous, second they had an orange one, fantastic! We sat Snoodle in a chair at a table and placed her delicacy in front of her.  She sat and we shot photos.  “Go ahead you can have it” I said while trying to get the perfect shot.  “Ah!  Camera malfunction! Do it again!”  My mom proceeded to ask Snoodle for the cake back.  She returned it.  Yes, we actually can take food out of our Rottweiler’s mouth.

This year, since I had no plans to visit the City of Brotherly Love, we made a Pupcake…it was nowhere as cute as the purchased one, but she seemed to enjoy it.

Sometimes when I tell people how sweet my Rottweiler is they seem surprised, due to representation in movies, their size, and their ability to be fantastic watch dogs.  There are many stories of Rottweilers as service dogs helping save the lives of disabled children and making people’s lives easier.  This quote in an article about a Rottweiler therapy dog, Turbo,  caught my eye “Joy is a brilliant term to signify the feeling of bliss we receive when truly happy. Joy is also a word to describe the faces of the many people that have been touched by having Turbo in their life.” These dogs go into schools and hospitals to make people smile. There are many great rotty stories, but one that I found especially amazing is about Cinder, a pet…

The story began with the heroic act of firefighter Lorenzo Abundiz rescuing two fellow firefighters trapped during a commercial building fire.  He was awarded the medal of valor from the California State Fireman’s Association and received a Rottweiler puppy named Cinder from one of the firefighters he saved as a special thank you.

Five years later Lorenzo and his two Rottweilers Cinder and Reeno started on a hike. Thirty minutes into it, Cinder began acting strange. “She’s usually the leader of the pack,” said Lorenzo. ” She was tagging behind me and Reeno. She would stop turn around and start heading back down the trail, I kept on calling her back to continue the hike but she kept on doing the same thing.” Worried that she might be sick, he  turned around and went back to his home and decided to call the vet. As he walked toward the phone, he started to feel an irregular pulse. “I felt like something had grabbed my lungs and squeezed all the air out of them with a great force,” he said. Before he could make it to the phone, he collapsed to the floor and lost consciousness. The next thing he remembers was Reeno licking his face. As Reeno kept Lorenzo awake Cinder performed her miracle.

She jumped on to the kitchen counter, grabbed the phone with her mouth and placed it next to Lorenzo’s outstretched hand. He was able to dial 911 with his thumb. When the dispatcher answered, Lorenzo was very weak and said ” I’m a fireman. I feel I am having a heart attack.” at the same time Reeno kept licking his face while he was talking to the dispatcher lying on the floor. He was saved and then spent four days in the hospital. Lorenzo said “I have no doubt that if I had kept on hiking, I would not be here now. Thank God for my little Cinder acting the way she did on the mountain trail.”

For her heroism, she was awarded “1995 Dog Hero of the Year” by the Los Angeles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and was named “Dog of the Year” by the Rottweiler Quarterly magazine. On May 29th, 1996 Cinder received a special recognition award from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Fire Chief Freeman presented her with the special award.

Snoodle makes me very very happy.  There is nothing like walking in the door of my parents’ home and being greeted by someone so happy to see you they can’t even contain themselves.  In fact, when I arrive she often finds her “Orange is Joy” stuffed bear to show me that she cares!  Happy Birthday Snoodle Doodle!  Thanks for making me smile!

My suggestion: Hug a Rottweiler (probably not a strange one)! Note from American Kennel ClubRottweilers love their people and may behave in a clownish manner toward family and friends, but they are also protective of their territory and do not welcome strangers until properly introduced.” 🙂

A couple of videos….


8 thoughts on “Snoodle makes me happy!!!

  1. Happy Birthday Snoodle!

    Rottie’s are so sweet! I can relate to the unexpected “sweetness” of a dog people do not associate with a gentle disposition. Our pitbull, Luna, is the biggest baby who loves people, adores to cuddle and play. She has wonderful social skills with people and other dogs, in fact, she has better social skills than my Jack Russell Terrier!

    It is all in the upbringing, discipline and giving it lots of love.

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