My Friend’s Boyfriend makes me happy!

Ha!  Funny, I know, but this is absolutely a clean post!  Wednesday night  when I arrived to my friend’s home, there were four red envelopes on her table each decorated and professional looking almost like an invitation to a fancy Valentine’s Day gala.  I curiously gazed upon the cards.  “What are these?” I asked.

Recently I learned about the MIT Mystery Hunt, an annual puzzle competition held at MIT in January. The competition challenges each team to solve puzzles which lead to a coin hidden somewhere on campus. My friend, the girlfriend, likes puzzles and games and fun in general.  What did her boyfriend do with this information?  He created a personalized puzzlehunt just for her.  Each of the envelopes had cards full of puzzles and clues and games – words, codes, pictures, letters and patterns.  Amazing!  Clue number one brought her to clue number two and so forth.  Finally at the end he had roses and chocolates for her.  Wow, how freaking romantic!!

This fantastic romantic act made me very happy and inspired me to do a little research on puzzlehunts. A puzzlehunt is a puzzle game where teams compete to solve a series of puzzles. Groups of puzzles in a puzzlehunt are often connected by a metapuzzle, leading to answers which combine into a final set of solutions.  The wikipedia entry states that there are several annual puzzlehunts.

My suggestion:  Do something special for someone because it will probably not only make them smile, but their friends as well 🙂


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